Classically trained at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in design and digital media, a natural writer and self-taught developer, when people ask me what I do, I tell them, "I build the Internet." Part of it anyway.

Nathan Swartz, Web Designer, Traveler, Father, Pittsburgher Every review I've received on Google has been five stars.

More accurately, I craft handmade websites combining custom-tailored, responsive designs with web standards code that ensures your site will work regardless of the browser or device someone's using.

Every web design project I create is lovingly fashioned from scratch using the choicest HTML5 & CSS3 available, then integrated seamlessly with an open-source WordPress Content Management System.

I believe in using design first and foremost to get visitors to stick around, and then to specifically direct them to achieve the results you want. Whether that's providing info, selling products or making a connection, I put it this way:

Web Design should be a beautiful hike that gets you to a useful destination.

Behind the scenes, the code I craft simultaneously weaves you into the fabric of social networking while climbing you up the ladder that is search engine optimization. So people can find you in the first place.

Established in 2001, I've built hundreds of websites for non-profits & small businesses. Read through my site, check out my portfolio, and if you think we might be a good fit, get in touch.

As seen on Freelance Switch, Wired Magazine and Pittsburgh Designers

I also write a blog about Web Design which aims to provide development and design advice to my fellow Web Workers, as well as practical information for clients.