Bush and Cheney to be Arrested in Brattleboro, VT on Charges of War Crimes

A symbol of hope: Bush Behind BarsIt is now law that the police officers of Brattleboro, Vermont are ordered to arrest Chief of Staff and now President George W. Bush and Head Dick Cheney if they are not impeached while in office and proceed to visit Brattleboro after leaving office.

The people of Brattleboro passed the new bit of legislature 2012 supporting versus 1795 against.

Read the story and remember, it’s your patriotic duty as a God-knowing countrymen of these States, United and in America, to perform a citizens arrest if you, while in the town limits of Brattleboro, VT, witness either of these war criminals parading around town.

The Peanut Gallery

  1. Yo! Brattleboro! Finally, some brave Americans speak out! You are true patriots! That’s where I want to retire!

    Roger Neumann:

  2. True patriots never retire, instead choosing to take up a career as a WalMart greeter, but I hear you Roger!


  3. I salute my comrades in Brattleboro, VT!!!!!!! They should also arrest and put to jail all Global Warming deniers! Those who insist that there’s no consensus on global warming guilty of hate crime against our Mother Earth!

    Ivan “Che” Moroz

    Ivan “Che” Moroz:

  4. Another reason to make gun ownership mandatory. =)

    My name is Chad:

  5. Oh yeah. I thought I wasn’t going to have to log in?

    Peace out good buddy

    My name is Chad:

  6. Not sure what’s happenin’ there, bud. Are you using a different computer?

    Or dial up connection, maybe?


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