Behold the Power of the Intronet

Intronet is a word that I think is funny. Like when you call a guy named Jake the J-Man or J-Town. Wait, I guess it wasn’t as funny as I thought.

Anyway, here are three killer websites that everyone should enjoy. (No one is reading this, Nathan, you, and millions of other blogging idiots like you, are completely insane. Not like 13 year olds playing D&D by themselves insane, but really in italics insane.)

“Typer Shark” Think Jaws the video game for the original Nintendo meets all the fun of typing!

“Super Funny Linux Joke” More Flash – key for any supergeek trying to rule the world.

“The Beaufort Drinking Scale” This is a little Flash comic strip from those crazy Brits with their dry wit and skanky humor.

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