Sometimes I think I might not live forever…

that old familiar orange glow comes crashing across my world
a patented distinguished set of glasses rest upon my nose
and all the librarian girls let down their moppy hairs
until just me and the music are left to analyze just how much they’re in the know

i make a simple statement and you guesture accordingly
we touch hands awkwardly and you’re smiling endlessly
for all of these moments we have within these sheltered walls
someday never comes and we’re left to perfection’s visual

i’ll spin you all around in a sun dress and similar day
watch the world get dizzy and blur into green and unafraid
let you go just in time to fling your soul into the air
and we can get caught up in treelimbs and dance our way back down from there

but until then lets wicker whittle wither away time
lose the hair from my head and grow the lines under your eyes
and we’ll see how beautiful we become just before we die
holding hands and peddling humor in the wake of the divine

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