Crossing the New World7.2 � 7.19.2004

I’ll be leaving Erie PA on a Friday. Gloom and doom or bright and sunny, the highway and I will play leap frog to Pittsburgh and I’ll meet up with J.H. the secret agent fellowshipper who’ll accompany me on this wonderful tour.

Next stop, Terre Haute IN, then onto Oklahoma City, Albuquerque NM, and then to spend a few days in the desert near Flagstaff. Good times I surmise. Though i’m no fortune teller, I’ll find myself inclined to state, but who would doubt?

Anyway, I’m thinking about Mr. Mojo Risen and how he might find me dancing there in the desert. I’m sure we’ll find our own thing, though, as emulating the past isn’t precisely prime rib on my plate.

I’m thinking of sleeping in tents for most of our journey, but I here the Grand Canyon International Hostel “is centrally located in downtown Flagstaff 1 1/2 blocks from Amtrak and 5 blocks from Greyhound.” So that should be useful.

Next stop, San Diego – maybe a daytrip into Mexico. HAH! That’s hilarious. A day trip. Wank on.

Finally onto Incline Village to see an old friend and live life on the good beautiful lake i’ve heard so much about.

That’s a precap. More to come after the excursion.

Up Next: Assateague