Michigan State

I’ve been awake for a long time. Well, it wouldn’t be very long to some people, college kids, rock stars, artsy next big thing wanna be types who bartend a few nights a week and blow coke into the earlier hours of Morning Edition. But to me it’s been a pretty long time. I’m smoking again. Not full fledged, but only when I drink. I’ve been drinking regularly. Draw your own conclusions.

I’m giddy for the Joanna Newsom / Devandra Banhart concert tomorrow. That’s Pittsburgh PA. Some place called the Garfield Artworks.

The Mattress Factory was cool by my standards, for an arthouse and all. I’m not a big fan of looking at paintings hanging on walls. That’s not what MF is about. I live in Erie. That’s cool for now, I suppose.

Two more years and I’m still here, well then we’ll have to think about getting our life back on track…

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