The Eternal Cell Phone Debate

Okay, so like, oh my god – cell phones are soooo cool! is perhaps the main reason why cell phones, digital or otherwise, are supergay.

On the other hand, beautiful magical capabilities available to us in the future that is now here (you know, the one they told you would come along all of these years), like this one and possibly this as well, make me dive into my phone at all possible moments. well, a few now and then anyway. note the decension from capital letters to anti-cap. anyway, this is a hilarious comment from a web page talking about it’s new slide phone:

Click to enlargeThe SL56 is designed for desire. It’s an incredible phone; it combines a flashing design with innovation and all the features a state of the art phone should offer. Smaller and lighter than ever before, it reveals its inner qualities when you slide it open and discover the faceted keys. They flash like jewels in a treasure chest, it’s a unique phone to hold. You will love to display it and hang it around your neck. SL56 is too beautiful to disappear in your pocket.

No explitives necessary folks, this is the real deal. Check it out here if you’d like, ’cause i’m near to certain there’s more…let’s find out shall we>>

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