Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies

And they are indeed. Clear blue unrealistic skies once you cross into the Central Time Zone, and the clouds just thin from there. Giant burning clouds of smoke interrupted the scheme in Arizona, yesterday, on our way into Flagstaff, caused by wild fires all over the open prairie range. They were miles away from us but could at any time destroy this entire town. Maybe they would feel the same about a thunderstorm. Living in them all of your life you lose interest in the fear. I am living. Awake before the coffee shops this morning and watching the people, bums, junkies, hippies, businessmen who don’t quite dress like businessmen. This town is free of a lot of the social structure that Western PA feels the need for. This is the my first time in front of a computer for days, and in my world, computers dominate every minute of my working day and much of my down time. Feels strangely good. I want the freedom of nature and travel, but I still love the benefits of technology.

I think I’m getting a tattoo soon…

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