Back to the Doldrum of Life without Superpowers

“The role of Superman, which has reportedly been offered to Brendan Fraser, Paul Walker and The Rock in the past, remains uncast.”
Now, after spending the last few weeks under the big black night sky of far off regions and the enchantment of life without schedules, toppled over with the fact that I just watched Spiderman 2 last night, I find that life in general is a difficult droll of being late for appointments and nodding your head in agreement with the scurvy masses, or at least those sketchy minority reporters who call themselves Bossman.
It is with great displeasure that I present to you the hilarious shortcomings of what could have been the greatest neo-superhero movie of our time. Superman was originally going to be directed by Tim Burton, no doubt with Danny Elfman on the music scene, and Nick Cage was going to play the man of steel. That’s all over, and rumors abound that Encino Man himself, possibly the worst actor ever, might have a shot at the role. HAH!

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