Thoughts and This n’ Thats

The color of today blows up in drab contrast to places I’ve seen and been in recent weeks. Trees, though more assorted than in other realms, seem to blur together in a splotch of green and grey and brown and silent barks that make me want to roll around in the dew that, though up in these mountains, is completely free of high fructose corn syrup. I’m trapped back in the box, work, eat, sleep, etc., but life is definitely renewed. Vacations from the cycles we wrap ourselves around are often followed by a change of heart, a determination to reinvent our lives, and I fear I am only riding on that wave as of now. I play daily with my son, take long walks and have quit smoking, started riding my bike with frequent turnaround and am loving the eases of ignoring all the money I don’t have. Today I’m a happy cat, lazy and laying on a fence somewhere with other happy cats, laughing over simple jokes and magic tricks. Tomorrow I might slip closer to the alley floor, once I need to start scrounging for the scraps again and dipping my paws into the neighbors milk. But for now it’s all analogies and metaphors until a smokey green haze takes from the west coast burnings comes my way to remind me why laid back is so much good good times.

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