Shake and Wake

i’ve been to heaven, i’ve been to the beach
but anymore, i mostly just go to sleep
first i wake up, then i do it again
i wake up once for every time i go to the sleepin’
i live up herein a far away land
where the milkmaids and the engine drivers
they all up and ran
and sure i’ve got friends
here and again
but i go home to an empty house more nights than i don’t and
it’s gettin’ a little tiresome and a little out of hand
and i just want to wake up somewhere other than Erie, PA
a desert sunrise, new york minute or the crystal bay
i wanna be back there in diapers running around my farm
but i can’t so i could settle waking up in your arms
and it’s clear to me
with crusty eyes
so tired every morning getting up before my time
and when i see my son
and do my routine
that i’m no kid anymore
but i walk around amongst the living blah
and they do all their things but they don’t do much
so it becomes so clear to me
my talents are my faults
and in a million years
i’m no adult
so i don’t know where i should pretend to fit in
i guess i’ll buy myself a motorbike and write MOM across my skin…………….

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