Politiks and Peanut Brittle

I try to dwell as little as possible on the dark lords running the big rusty machine that gives this otherwise splendid country it’s horrid name, but can anyone else see the hilarity in the way that the first Bush lost his shot at a second term by focusing on Iraq and not the economy and now W. seems to be running the same route. Electioneering.

Then I think about how this is funny to me. And how I make jokes at work about processors and targa sequences and I realize I’m a horribly giant geek (24.0916% actually.)

Other than my supercool factor.

On the other hand, Jazz & Blues festival is tomorrow so I’ll sip a few beers, eat a few free slices or sandwiches, bullshit my boss and coworkers and hang out with the TanMan.

Oh, and zebras are the punkest animals out there? Am I wrong?

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