Yo Lint.

seriously bro – you should’ve read your email by now.

if you haven’t.

well then. stop. read your email.

okay okay.

so you’re back.

alright man, well – here are my short term plans.

1. get the R.L.P. CD. I believe it’s called PUNX AIN’T STOPPIN’ with a picture of Mr. Nicholas “The Cars”lisi (most notably of “The 4 (Later Known as 5) PunX)and load it into our sophisticated WQLN-FM Q-91.3 software and make a somewhat decent CD out of it. (though i’m certain wild cat city, my best tune, will still sound like a shit mix)

2. get the video of us from up at the skatepark from Steve Havener. nothing more to say there. just all burning rip ass DVDs and whatnot as similarly and formerly noted with my powers of tangibility.

3. come to Jersey. halloween. you should call me about this.

Up Next: today and now.