On My Merry Way

So today was somewhat fulfilling.

For one, I was contacted by the good people at Suitcase In Point and we’ll be shooting our movie/documentary sometime in September. That’s very cool. I’ve seen these guys do their thing and they amazed me beyond words. Hopefully, the project will be a success, and by that I mean that hopefully we’ll finish the whole darn thing and be able to translate what works so well live into a (the dreaded words) TV show.

Also, I watched The Last Samurai. What a great movie. Forgive me, but my honor dictates I follow in the way of the samurai and not reveal much of anything else to you, but go watch the movie – quickly now!

And finally, my training in the way of the bike is coming along quite nicely, though perhaps not as progressive as I’d like. This is partly due to the fact that my new bike hasn’t come in yet, but also to other major contributing factors in my life like my baby and the fact that I’m often times lazy.

So I rode 7 miles today in 45 minutes, so I’m going about 10mph. That’s on a little kid’s peddle bike, at night and on the sidewalk. Tomorrow I’ll go at it again, 10 miles in the same time, though. Then next Wednesday I ride home from work, which is only 9 miles but hella hilly, as opposed to the relatively flat landscape I’ve been working with. My plan from there is to ride to work the next day, see how it goes in the early hours of the wee morn. Then to Edinboro PA, which is about 20 miles away sometime next week.

Before the end of the season, I want to ride all the way to Pittsburgh. That’s over 125 miles – I’ll do it in two days, I suppose, arriving just in time for beers with Webstar. But that’s for the future and now on to the special features on The Last Samurai.

Late nights to all my peoples on the west coast.

Up Next: an actual internet conversation i found on the net while surfing the web