Sex and Drugs and Rock n’ Roll

The pursuit of the exact equilibrium of body mind and spirit is my ultimate goal. All of the ancient philosophers were all about it – athletes were as important as scholars and vice versa, but I’m throwing spirit in their as well, because I believe that our karma balls are all so important to the way our lives pan out. So here is the general gist of what I’m trying to live for these days:

1. Sweat Dripping Sexy

By concerning myself with aesthetics, of the body, fashion, my home, in everything that I do, I am creating a thing of beauty. A lifestyle of beauty. Not a Martha Stewart package me up and compare me the Jones’ family album type of portrait, but a much more diverse world. This is why I ride my bike. This is why I eat things like wheat veggie wraps and never put butter on my biscuits. Or eat biscuits for that matter. When I have a six pack, I assume my body will be in peak condition. Most people peak in college or right around my age. I want to die a fit man, crippled only in my last few days by the rot of whatever disease will have enveloped my otherwise pristine physique.

2. Drunken Coherence

If I can get to a point where the drunken version of myself can still maintain a miraculous conversation about the poignancy of escaping the modern droll or the finer twitchings of a good go around with several friends on topics innumerable and wealthy, then I’m a set man. I was there a few years ago. My friends have dwindled sufficiently since then, though I still find myself surrounded by somewhat enlightened folk, I want to immerse myself in the sort of situations that might lead me to sit on a rock in a circle of several others sitting on rocks, all around a fire as our voices shoot out of turn over the crackle and spit of spark and smoke.

3. Karmic Purity

The spirit aspect has nothing to do with Jesus H. Christ or his holy host of Catholic dysenteries, but more along the lines of putting as much positive energy out there as possible. Trippy hippy shit, I know what it must sound like, but I truly believe that the more good you do, the more good that is out there, and that can only help us all. Karma for the universe, not on a case by case situation.

I think yoga would be an excellent way to bring all of these pursuits into one field, at least for a few fleeting moments in the morning as the sun might creep up over the mother earth and stick its uninhibited rays through my glassy walls to do a little dance on my nose as I breathed out one last time before jumping in the shower to go after all of those things we need to catch up to on a daily basis.

Up Next: The trivials of my life