The trivials of my life

So I rode this little twenty inch bike home, it’s a BMX style bike, but for kids and from Walmart and the gear ratio is so small that you can’t do much over 7 mph before the pedals just spin. So it was excrutiating. Three miles into the ride and after a few serious hills I was sick of it already, but too far to turn back as the whole trip was only 10 mi. total. Anyway, I finished it, and vowed never to ride that wretched little bike again. It only took me an hour and fifteen minutes, though, which I thought was pretty good given all of the circumstances.

Now I am exhausted and I slept for two hours immediately after getting home. I was reading someone else’s blog, a rarity for me, as I typically hold that reading is only for those who can’t write for themselves, which is stupid I know, but regardless, she had this and this posted, which were both very cool.

So that’s the basics of my night. I’ve just used this as a diary, which I hate. Try to keep me from doing that from now by your plethera of comments and concerns regarding this site.

God damn.

Oh, and Clicknathan has been sufficiently updated to eliminate most of the broken links. Do enjoy.

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