Celebrate Erie

This is a bang up of a festival thrown in downtown Erie, PA. They block off 8 city blocks and cover the streets with chalk drawings, lined with local vendors peddling their wares and a plethera of acts on every street corner.

One of the acts this year was ILL Style Hip Hop, who did everything from freestyle rap to hip hop tap dancing. Chilla. Also, Mambo played, latin jazz, great great band.

Festivals like this and the Jazz Fest and all of the other many celebrations in the area actually make Erie somewhat liveable, for the few months when mother nature allows us to tweak outside our homes and soak up the balmy 66 degree temperatures.

I also went to Forward Hall last night, which was a crazy cool little bar that is owned by a bunch of hippies and is all done up like a castle, though perhaps one most adequately positioned in the Land of Make Believe.

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