Black and many many many in #

it’s been another one more night on the north shore
crickets chirping up symphonies eerily galore
the big rigs reel and monster trucks do their best to abhore
all the sleeping babies tucked away in sock drawers

the weathermen all get together and agree
tomorrow partly cloudy or partly sunny
for me it’ll be just another simply pristine
and won’t you be my neighbor cause the ones i have are all too old to play with me

it’s been another mild summer under the sky
the ozone’s gone on to holiday while school zones said their goodbyes
i still have my routine and it marks one quarter past the nine
good mommies kiss their babies as i tuck myself in goodnight

tomorrow maybe i’ll go skipping through the rain
until cars pass me by and i’ll stop skipping in shame
“what business does a grown man have with parading and play?
when after all the rain is no proper place for a parade”

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