Matters of Business and the Heart

Alright. So my first Gmail give away was a success. Thank you all for participating and you (singular) know who you are.

But now, my generosity has not gone unrewarded, and the good people at Google have supplied me with 5 more invites to dole out. The power is going to my head. Once again, same rules apply. But this time I’ll expect more entries. 5 at least, I suppose.

On another note, Blogger is offering Google Ads to us loyal devotees. I was thinking to myself, wow, here’s a chance to make money, but should I sell out and turn my blog into an advertising agent. Sure, I could use a few pennies, throw them at me, I say, but in reality we all know what would happen. Future posts would resemble something like I was sitting around my house debating whether I should drink a Coca Cola or Pepsi beverage, both fine products might do, but then, as I sat back into my Lay-Z-Boy recliner and began watching several episodes of popular television shows like Friends, the Simpsons or CSI: Miami on my 29 inch Sony flat screen model 093-332X it occured to me that I’m a huge sellout, much like the good people at Popular Science or other highly rated magazines.

No, I suppose that won’t do. Well, toodles for now.

Up Next: Plucking Nosehairs