The Stressors of a Convenience Store Manager

So I’m at the store, purchasing milk and chocolate milk, and there’s a new guy behind the counter. We’ll call him New Guy. He’s uncertain about how to ring up my order and the manager, we’ll call her Mrs. WayTooSeriousAboutHerRoleInLife, or WayToo for short. No, that’s funny but confusing, we’ll just call her Manager. And then there’s me, a.k.a. Me.

Me (setting milk products on the counter): Hi.
New Guy: Will that be all for you sir?
Me (reaching for my debit card): Yeah.
New Guy: Hmmm…is this 1% Milk or Skim. (Manager, coming out the backroom looking serious)
Me: It’s Skim.
Manager: ALWAYS turn it around!
New Guy: Sorry.
Manager: No, you always have to turn it around.

The transaction of funds occurs, and the bagging procedure begins.

Manager: Would you like your chocolate milk in a bag?
Me: Yeah, thanks.
Manager: And the regular milk, too?
Me: Actually, yeah, sure. (I’m walking and already have a handful of other stuff.)
Manager (to New Guy): When doing this, always double bag it.
New Guy: Okay.
Manager: If it were just the half gallon I might chance it, but with both, you’ll want to double up.
Me: Thanks.
Manager: I’ve never had one break on me, but there’s a first time for everything. And I don’t intend to let that happen on my shift.

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