the concept of flying away

city dreams come landscaping all over my former self
and draw that sulking hero up from under my bad health
i drip a drop of ink and let a problem itch me by design
i feel the monkey scratch my back and slide me up the vine

put me in a pickle jar and keep me fresh and safe
so someday you’ll come rapping tap dancing open my mason space
if i can remember you i can forget the other shelves
that i’ve built all crooked shim shammy to fill up the places meant for yourself

i smoked a thousand cigarettes to keep from passing time
a pair of stoney eyes and all reflecting into mine
the sun is happy with me so it’s setting on the bay
but spin around and westward bound he’ll greet me in another state some other day.

to you,

keep on smiling and the world will catch on soon enough.

from me.

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