America, My Beautiful

I successfully rode my bike to and from work today. Not the simplest of tasks through the hilly Allegheny Mountain countryside. I’ve also smoked enough cigarettes to put me back on the Camel mailing list.

And on a mechanical note, I fixed a lawnmower today. Hah! The supreme cliff face of twitchy smiling laughter that brings to me. Fixing lawnmowers, listening to the same three songs over and over again. “…couldn’t drag me away.”

Please all, commute this wired world and talk to me. Let me hear it all, all of the sinking desperation and longing dreams.

America the Beautiful. America, my beautiful, and I am beautiful in you.

As the rusty crimson golden shine comes down over my life, the skies pink and blue and pale settling yellow in between, I am reminded of her bronze skin, freckles and beauty marks as a reply fitting the constellations. A funky beat breaks in and I’m too out of sight…

Up Next: good get together