Listen to Me Across the Happy Tide

my true love’s a faerie queen
her feet fall on grass and green
skin of bronze and eyes of stone
halo made of flowers and bows

i get mixed up when i see
my eyes love to deceive me
they tell my mind to go too fast
and i end up on dead and last

streets run long and parallel
but follow the river and you’ll find yourself
if she was at the bottom of the deepest sea
i’d tell that sea to pardon me
cause i’m no superhero man
i’m just lips and lust and hands
and my feet have seen many miles
but none too many to make it to your house
cause some people live their life for dreams
to find out they’ve spent their life asleep
and some people say they’ve looked all their life
for that faerie ghost to make their wife
some people might say this is our second chance
and that’s scarce with impressions and romance
and some might say “what about your plans?”
but i just want to hold your hands…

and listen.

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