Overhaul DeMilo

Right now someone beautiful is starting work. Somewhere there’s an itchy sensation on the back of a neck thinking about what to push for next, which straw to draw and how that will affect the rest of a life. Or a child’s life. Or a long legacy of history-changing monumental affects on the world and the generations to come that will fill it.

Right now I’m sitting around thinking about the things a person thinks about when he’s wondering what he should do. Options are what make life grand, and I wouldn’t want to be without them, but the prodding and poking through the details and unknown details is the strangest and most frightening feeling I’ve ever known. (Other than nightmare dreams about werewolves.)

A business life for me, with healthcare and a 401k and steady enough income to keep a mortgage payment rolling along with all types of other debts, money owed to people for things I don’t need and usually don’t want after I have them.

A free me sort of dream, working freelance jobs and coffee shops to try and make ends meet while keeping enough space in my calendar to devote myself to writing and becoming published. What a wash has come over the passion of life.

Somewhere a girl is thinking about the way a boy’s neck smells. At least I would hope so.

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