Another Morning Ride

I was pushing my bike (yeah, pushing, I’m still not at complete Olympian status), cresting a hill this morning and two deer hopped out of the woods so close to me that I had to readjust my eyes to see them. It scared the bejebus out of me for a second, but then, as they stuck their fluffity puffity giant white tails up into the morning air and started off, I fell in love with the moment. I imagine I’ll remember this for a long time, one of those strange memories that keeps popping up over the years though with seemingly little significance.

They both stopped after a few bounds and turned around to look at me, trying to decipher if I was one of the musket toting ogres who abound these hills, or the rarer sylvan satyr, simply making my way into their slice of the forest. They didn’t move as I made my way further down the street, and it wasn’t until I had completely passed them that they spun about and lept bounding and half in flight over tree and fence and into the thicket to dance the deer life way.

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