Evading Reality

Giving up everything you have on a whim is a drastic cause, hopefully one for celebration in the end, but unforseen detriment and convolution is no doubt the meal for another day.

If life is good, then life is good. Mediocrity and contentment can play major rolls in the merely getting through your daily scratchings, but eventually you’ll just grind yourself to a pulp, or worse yet, a halt.

It is for that reason that I have done the horrible things I do. Choosing yourself over another is hardly seen as a heroic or even civil way to be, but what choice do we have? I have for the past several years, going on 4 or 7 or so, depending upon how you look at it, let myself be controlled by the rational thinking of a man growing of age. But I’m not the type to live inside of structures built only by the illusionist torte that is modern society, and even if that means giving up one happiness to explore another, I have to pursue these dreams.

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