Hammond B

Well Howard gets wasted at that old Hammond B
And sits around drinking about the way his dreams used to be
He rocks back and forth and closes his eyes
Wishing he’d chosen when it was time to decide

Elvis is laying under the ground
And no one these days gives a damn
Elvis is playing in a bar somewhere south
They put the TV up to drown over him

If everyone pulls then who gets pushed down?
We all got together and built this port town
But I don’t sing a lick when I stand in a crowd
But catch me alone and you’ll catch me out loud

Howard has money and spends it on things
That make him create situations that life doesn’t bring
He put on a toga and stood on his couch
Howard and Hammond came tumbling down

The King of Spain is forgotten at last
The King of Pop topped his charts in the past
But all the King’s horses and all the king’s men
End up underground with the King of Rock and Rollin’

Hop in my wagon, I’ll pull you around and we can sell apples for 10 cents a pound
Remember the blue skies pre-Industrial Age
To meet up with friends you would ride hard for days
Sit in my tire swing, I’ll push you around and we’ll swing until the old tree comes down
Remember my eyes as the earth to your stone
And I would ride forever if you’ll only make me a home.

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