i want to lay in fields of heaven stippled with the freckles of her smooth cool hairy stinky fresh lovely skin. i want to walk on toes too tired to make steps and still so wrinkly fresh from the days swim that they might blister into the sun like a song could never relate. smoke. the colors swirl. ambiguity is the secret to self-desolation. build your art, sing, swing, dance, climb, run, ride, paint, write. do it for yourself and do it for the good good time it creates.

i’ll retire for tonight, in probability, with a fresh perspective on my surroundings and a magic sort of spark in my heart, waiting to be awoken from a dream nearly not quite as spinny spectacular as the real life.

matthew kuhar you know who you are. shawn, renee, all of my beautiful people, keep life flowing in the direction you need rather than the one you want. and then think about that statement and the reality of the difference betweeen need and want.

to need is bread. to need is love. to want is only to drown. to want is a home. to want is a retirement plan. to need is an explosion of the soul. find me and i’ll find you. goodnight and see you all soon. very much so.

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