Karma and the Devil

I get so stuck in the in-betweens.
Diamond rings or dirty knees?
Is what I do following or just leaving?
Am I a man or a young girl’s dream?

The afternoon becomes so long.
The sun sets over my face and I’m golden Zeus and leather,
Cracking slowly as time does a slow waltz up my face until
The shadow under my hat is no longer a shadow,
But the night sky.

I have so many personalities.
Magic or philosophy?
Everything is as true as everything else,
Which makes nothing as true as true meaning.

The night light shadow grows so long.
Creeping up over my bed, over the nooks and crannies where you’ve divided my sheets.
Where you’ve left the sand and sweat and memory
Where I’ve gone back to just for the remembering.

I just need someone to tell me if there’s a difference between running away
And chasing dreams not for the dreams to come true, but for chasing’s sake.

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