Smacked out on Cardiff Road

A bowl full of mushrooms, broccoli and carrots, with a side of Mountain Dew, for breakfast at 12:51 in the pm sure puts life into perspective. I got shlammered last night with old friends from small towns, the oldest of friends and the smallest of towns actually, only to find out that drugs have completely overturned society here, though nothing much else is different.

Mike D is still living with his parents. His friends are still around before he gets home, and he still has all of the pictures hanging up in his room. “The Wall” as it’s known, full of everything from skate posters to pics of us as young hellyens to cartoons of George giving Judy the ol’ in and out (should i mary jane tonight?). That’s disgusting, I know, but to a teenage boy…well, we’ll just end it there.

So I wrote this gangsta rhyme about Nanty Glo, here we go…

Thugs and chug beers
Long nights and short years
We get ….

Nevermind, that sucked…all I really wanted to say was “…and I still know drug dealers.” as though it keeps me close to my roots cause my boy is a smack head. That’s right, right down the vein. I watched it last night. I don’t imagine I’ll be going back for a good healthy while. It tweaks me out, and if I have to bury this kid – I don’t know. That’ll be a real deal loss for me.

Well, chipper wee, I’m off to check the world of Gmail. Let me know if you’re a wonk and still don’t have an account, cause I have so many I don’t know what to do with them. I send them to myself now, I have like smokecamels(a) – nathanpaulswartz(a) and several others I can’t even remember…hardy har har.

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