Mid-Day Crisis

I am a father
And what does that mean?
I am a straggling behind lost wandering trapped stuck and who am I to be?
I am an artist
Goes doesn’t even know what that means.
I am a stick ’em up cops and robbers on a tricycle at 25
I am a failure
I am a wordly success
I have a feeling like I might have made a few bad choices
Regret is the devil, and he writes a subtle song
I sing along
I am a lover
I can make you love me
Everyone except the ones I really want to comfort me
I wonder when I’ll see the starry blue lights
Of the life I set out for when I set out in the middle of the night
You think with all the fighting, running and sleeping outside
That there would be some payoff
There should be some sort of big reward

Waiting for a phone to ring
Waiting for a star
Come on, shine all over me
At least come shine somewhere in my general direction
Remind me there is some point to all this waiting, pacing

And to all my friends
Scattered all over the world
I wanna get you in a little room
And karaoke reminisce all night and every night
But instead we just talk on phones and a little less each year

And to all my responsibility
Clumped up in a pile in a drawer
You can take my money
I’m not trying to get that much of it anymore
I can find me a little tree to just crawl under
Protected from the world, sing along the thunder
And the rain can soak my bones
And the disease can set in
And I’ll lose my teeth and posture
And I’ll squirm all on the ground
And I won’t be far from here
I’ll be a thousand miles away
But at least I’ll know I’ve done it and when I did I did it my own particular way.

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