… (pt. 3)

lovers should be lovely
just as livers should be ugly
and the shivers that I get so late at night are just another part of me

wheels should roll on keeping
let the cry babies to their weeping
daddy doesn’t always come home but in your case it’s company worth the keeping

I may have caught an angel falling here or there in my life
but I’ve never seen one do a head dive from the big expansive sky
until I watched her crash her beady fingers and nails into my chest
and all the rest is history and we write history the best

smokers should be smoking
even with the knowing
that after all that good good time spent wasting you’ll spend as much time choking

ladies should keep sewing
beer gut men to mowing
and the rest of us can sketch through our freetime and know the rest of them are better off not knowing

poets should keep sewing, though
until the exact time comes and lets them sure enough
that all the intricate and delicate and caressing can also just be stuff

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