Four Points of a Square

1. The latest poles are in and one shows Bushy-boy in the lead by one point and another shows JFK2 up by one point. Polesters are baffled. Therefore, polesters are shortminded buffoons?

2. The crisp Autumn air was cold and biting into my lungs on my ride into work this morning. I could literally feel it burning away the cancerous smoke fibers and what mucusy remnants dwindling after my cold. I rode hard this morning and only took one break. I could sprawl all over my office loveseat right now…deodorant and a fresh change of clothes attempting to covert my sweaty stink. Speaking of which…

3. I wish my farts weren’t atomic death clouds. God, what the hell? That’s what they don’t tell you about fiber – eat nothing but wheat and vegetables and take a serious chance on your ass.

4. I started weaving hemp. A necklace, a failed attempt at a bracer and a little rim for my hat. With beads. Mostly french braids. Hah! Good times.

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