Several links and a story

My eyes cracked open this morning, and without much delay I was involved in a serious bowl of Autumn Wheat and Camel Ultralights, coupled with a nice glass of water and the Fox Box, all of which made for a magical little Saturday morning. But alas, on my agenda was a 10 miles ride to work to retrieve my car, as the baby boy was to arrive at some point in the day and I’d need a car to tote him around to the various places he may or may not wish to be inhabitting.

So I’m riding, hard, with 7 or so smokes under my belt, and when I get to my halfway point, about 1/4 of the way up a near vertical hill, I parked my bike and completely collapsed onto the road’s rocky pavement. Sprawled out on a road, backwoods as it was, I could practically see my little heart beating up out of my chest and lifting my shirt a quarter of an inch higher than its resting place. Good or bad? You be the judge.

Anyhoot, a large gray car passed me, and then stopped about 10 feet up the hill, just sitting there for about a minute before the voice of an old woman cried out “Are you okay?” She was clearly fearful of me, a young buck with a few days growth on his cheeks and a cowboy’s purchase from the local habberdashery, but even through her fear, she was more concerned about my well being.

Cheers to you old woman, and human race in general, for being too cool for school.

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