In the wake of dreaming boys gone all grown up

There’s a billion souls to roam the world
Sorting through to find your own is trouble enough
Without matching it up to the diamond dancing the rough
So I say to myself, “Oh well, as long as you’re still breathing”
But breathing isn’t much, in fact it’s not at all a part of anything

Four years ago I found my place
In a vision or a dream or a movie landscape
And that Indian rock star portal told me
That the desert sand is where I’ll find harmony

So I sang my song all across this land
Through the rolling hills and the midwest bland
From ocean to ocean, Great Lakes to great lake
And a road runner showed me that what you’ve got is only what you take

Now decisions they come like a Halloween ball
Pick a trick for your tease or a treat for it all
But decisions, I haven’t made one in years
And the longer you watch the quicker it all disappears
I have the whole world all up in my hands
In a girls eyes and in my little man
She’s a bouncing blue ball of all over the globe
He’s the baby in me and I’m all that he knows
So decisions are made by us all on a daily divide
Coffee or tea, live life or just wade through the time
But it’s here and it’s now and there’s never a rest
I’m a man, if I am, then I am headed West.

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