I look around my home and think of all the realia I have from the lessons of my life. It makes me smile. Little pieces of old friends or old girlfriends (those which departed on amiable terms) or old houses – whatever – just good to look around and see that the things I’ve accumulated in life aren’t all just silver TVs and Sony Playstations, but the majority are gifts from relatives, paintings from old roommates or photos from beautiful girls.

Plus, I was riding my bike last night in the twilight between 7 and oh, 7:30 or so, the sun setting behind me like a perplexed cowboy. As the big star dipped behind the Alleghenies it cast a soft pink line over the rolling horizon, mixing yellowish orange and finally up into the dry blue of the evening sky. A very beautiful site, and one that I see on a daily basis out the picture window of my living room. But what I don’t usually see, is the silver moon cresting over the eastern skyline, bringing with it the night in shades of violet and deep dark blue. Now that, my friends, was a glorious site, to look to the east and see the silver cools of night and turn my head to see the warm glow of the daylight fading.

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