Trivial and Life Pursuits

To begin with the trivial, Spiderman is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to American pop culture. Aside from, perhaps, my boyish good looks and extreme talent, but the world may not know of that for another few weeks, so we’ll remain focused on the spider at hand.

I mean, the raw emotion, sadness at the death of Uncle Ben, the love between lifelong neighbors, the betrayal, the angst, the kick ass swinging from roof tops. And then they went and made a video game of it all! Taha, I say, and with vigor or valor or both. I beat Spiderman 2 The Game (as they like it to be referred to) and low and behold the fun doesn’t end there… So as not to spoil the corpse before the flesh has rotted, I’ll keep my mind shut, but you as a whole should find this game, play it until you make jealousy of Mr. Brian Adams, and experience the thrill for yourself.

Secondary, the life pursuits. I cannot bare the anticipation of major life changes. Where will I go? When I do so, where will I be? Who will I be there with? When will Spiderman 3 come out? Ee-gads the thrill of living is more than I can express to those of you caught in the middle humdrum of a daily routine. I beg of you, not denouncing your existence, but that you open up your lungs and breath in a little water just to make sure that you’re not already growing roots. A bike ride, a lover, a baby asleep on my couch.

I should be the way I am,
And always work for changing.
Problems solve themselves if you take the time
To let the problems solve themselves.
Soon the leaves will cover me in all the colors I can see,
Through dreams and foggy realities and heaven understates its heavenly.
We all sit around and think of how we could,
But though we can I doubt we would.
I always do the things I should.
When I make it to the desert next time, it will be for good.

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