Ebensburg, Pennsylvania

Something about this town just makes me feel alone
I walk these streets and tree lined, once they called me home
All the kids are out and riding up the horse
Chase that pony until it puts them in the dirt

The streetlights they don’t shine quite so meaningful anymore
My glass is empty but the rain begins to pour
It hadn’t rained here in a month or two
Indian summer and the streetlights staring back at you

So silver moon come shine to keep me company
A hundred nights I spent hiding from those who’d come for me
I’m not looking to find them anymore
Watch them through the window but don’t let them in the door

Make a move to get yourself so far from here
You can come home to visit but in the morning disappear
While all the mothers are missing out on sleep
The drunks are driving wreckless through the street

Who we are and who we all wanted to be
Second thoughts tend to take the dreaming out of sleep
And I don’t mind so much the boy I used to be
But I wonder what he thinks staring out at me

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