Sunday Top Ten Awesomeness

So everyone’s doing it. If you’re not, then you’re not part of everyone. I contemplated posting a list of the people included in everyone, but then I realized that breathing is a priority and hencing to endeavor would recalibrate my words words words words.

So there’ve been a lot of questions coming in lately from my trove of readers as to what music I listen to*, so on to the point…

Sunday Top Ten Awesomeness: Nice Listening Records all the Way throUgh

10. The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
09. Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion I & II
08. Pink Floyd Darkside of the Moon
07. Rancid Let’s Go
06. Counting Crows August and Everything After
05. Dinosaur Jr. Where You Been
04. Jeff Buckley Grace
03. Sublime Sublime
02. Alvin & The Chipmunks Club Chipmunk: The Dance Mixes
01. Gosub 10; String$=10; if String$=10 then Gosub 10.

Okay so that last band doesn’t exist, but if you want to join it, I’ll start it up. Me on lady killers and you can play drums or oboe or something. Peace to my hippie brethren, death to all ninjas.

* not true

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