ClickNathan goes Political

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But anyway, the WB vs. the Vice Presidential Debate.

WB has horrible shows, I mean pure garbage, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, all balloon and no air. But then why am I so intrigued? Since the days of Buffy and Roswell, I’ve been hooked on this channel, perhaps because of its default capacity in a world without cable TV, it usually comes free over the airwaves.

The VP Debate – the mediator, well, she’s no Jim Lehrer. That guy ran a tight ship, and why are the candidates sitting down? Slack asses, I’d say. John K & Co. for prez, any other option is dead babies, kids my age missing arms and losing lives. The good President Bill Clinton got the boot for sexing around and lying about it, but we have a bomb blowing up kids and soldiers and such on a daily basis and all based on lies yet…Bush/Cheney 2004 seems to be on the roll.

I hope Arnold comes around and starts kicking some ass, taking over the White House and turning it into a futuristic shelter for sci-fi movies to take over the modern democratic process. But the real issue here, is Dolph Lundgren going to make a sound Vice Presidential Robot Bounty Hunter?

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