Great New Stuff from Gmail (and those bastards in opposition)

So I, like many of the world’s foremost authorities on the benefits of a healthy Internet lifestyle, am in love with my Gmail. Save for those times that I’m at work, using a formal account that would be accompanied by a nice pair of slacks and a shine on my shoes worthy of the twinkle in a young elf’s workshop, I don’t even participate in that ancient form of electronic mail, email if you will.

Anyway, Gmail has just added a feature similar to Outlook that puts a little mail icon in your task bar that lets you know when you have new mail. Also, it can handle mailto: hrefs on websites these days, and you can have your other emails forwarded to your Gmail account. So now fantasyclown2000 and nathanpaulswartz, both at, will no longer sit unchecked for days while clicknathan at the the similar gets all the hog time.

On the other hand, these guys at have some negative things to say about the good people of Google, so I’m going to read over that and make an informed decision. Voting for the next president of the internet, featuring candidates Google (V.P. Blogger & V.PP. Gmail), as well as Al Gore in his comeback debute. Never forget Al.

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