Go outside, the moon is still out at nearly noon

I once had a girl
And I was ashamed of her
I once had a life
The life wasn’t right
So I walked in my sleep
I talked through my nights
And I knew if I had the chance I could have changed my mind

It’s almost noon
Look outside, you can see the moon
Days like these
The October breeze
You really should show yourself
All the things that you hide from
You really should know yourself
But instead you create a new
Image, attitude, shine up your bestest shoes
Put your face forward and don’t mind the tunes
The ones that’ll make you sad,
Remind you of what you had
Back when you had the chance to really have anything

I now know a girl
And I am inside of her
I walked out of side
And she was under the same big sky
“Look at that moon,” I’ll say
But she won’t change her gaze
Some people are and some people be
Some things you look at and others you see

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