Trois Souhaits

i wish
there were more people who could enjoy the reality of a thick sweat and all of the steamy flavor that comes with it
i would like to wash a girl’s feet
tie ribbons all through her hair and send her dead flowers at work
i wouldn’t mind sleeping in a tent more often
and cook my food on an open fire for every meal
and not owning a car, biking my way around the world to wherever it was i needed to be
i’d like to see more bards frequenting town circles
and have my cell phone be as potent as my computer

i wish my friend shawn would make a record
and i’d like to find an oprah singer to belt out my stories
and a good strange band to back her
and i’d sit on stage with them, introduce them, and occasionally make glib remarks

i’d like to take a picture of all of the old townies
from here to flagstaff and back

i’d like to have some hair in my face while i was going to sleep
itching my nose and smelling of nicotine
i’d like to make breakfast for a beautiful girl every morning
i certainly wouldn’t mind a house with only one room
and i’d like to be able to go up on the roof and smoke cigarettes with my old friend jenn
and i wish i could remember if her name is spelled with one n or two.

i’d like to get a shower every once in awhile with someone else
and have her scrub my back in exchange for the same favor
and not have to have sex every time that happened
not because sex isn’t wonderful
but because i’d like to be at a comfortable point in a good time that it didn’t feel necessary
like smoking feels when you’re waiting for the bus

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