Especially is a Horrible Word

All you know
And all you’ll ever know
Lays inside the lives you toll
Taxing moments, feeling whole

Feet are hard and dirty from all the places that you’ve managed to steal away
Your heart grows heavy, all the people you’ve managed to peel away

And when you find your lungs
Running out of room to run
Will you look back and wonder, what has my soul become?
Full up and enough love for everyone
Or did the cracks let just enough slip out
So that you had to hold on to every drop so preciously?

I don’t want to read about my life after I die
I want to live it and fill up each day twice
When I look back and wonder, how has my body died?
As all my limbs fall off, and all my thoughts subside
I will not regret not regretting a thing
Because I know what is special I went after especially

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