… (pt. 5)

You know I always say, that I’ll wait forever
Everyone I meet is a big idea to begin with
But then we get to know who we are and so
Who we are isn’t who we were before we knew

Though when I catch you
Staring at me when I’m eating breakfast or clipping my nails
You watch the little things
I dream about the bigger beginnings
That’s a good balance so lets go walking out on the tight rope
My footing isn’t sure, but I have known for more than a century
Where I’m supposed to go
Here’s your ticket now, don’t pack your things
We’ll bring nothing but ourselves and a smile for anyone we meet

But if your face don’t show
And all the leaves turn to snow
Understand if I don’t come looking
There is a western sky
And I’ve been thinking I might
Pack myself some cigarettes and go try and find my real life.

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