My Absence in Your Time of Need

Several yummy goodies have been thrown on my plate, as of late. I dismissed the idea of fiscal solvency and turned my head away from a growing pile of bills, even in the race of certain further action, to drive my little car down to Pittsburgh PA this past Saturday, where I watched my friends band rock and roll with various additional vocal guests, as though it were the final show on a reunion tour by The Band or something. All in all, a good time, drinks and conversations and I hung out with this person for the first time all by ourselves, and as I tend to have difficulty communicating with people in the early stages of a civil friendship, things went rather smoothly and will force me to give the entire night a rating of four stars. Unfortunately, due to union regulations, I cannot reveal how many stars were possible, so the rating is null and void.

Then the next day, after a hangover and cr�pes at a fine little store in Shadyside, we pursued the neverending quest of mankind to pick apples and place them in a box. Some of us went to actually get apples, others of us thought that the time would be a bit more appropriately spent enjoying the Nature Challenge, an intricate twisting path that forced its victims to do unimaginable feats of prowess and manpower (such as climbing through a plastic tube, or walking on a fallen tree.)

Today, a fine one at that, I had a phone interview with a woman from Nevada, further continuing what I see as a few good debates on my way to eventual success there. She seemed to hold my feelings with mutual regard and so now I just wait to hear from her again.

And finally, the big big news, what you’ve all skimmed through the paragraphs to find, waiting patiently all weekend long while blogs went without update – I’m a FREE man. Yes, sir folks, the yolk of marriage has now been cast off as my ex-wife agreed to finalize the divorce and as of next Monday I will be officially allowed back into the singles club. I know, the guys at will be said to see me go, but henceforth when I kiss new girls and fall into new loves it will no longer be a sin against the sacrament of marriage, but merely a good time.

So bring on the lady folk…

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