Me and Mine

So I’m giving my home internet connection the boot. The pigs at Time Warner have screwed me once too many times and in this life we can either accept the fact that services like telephone lines and cable companies are complete monopolies, or we can say forget it and go without the simple pleasures which are so unnecessary anyway.

I’ll still get a blog in here and there from work (taboo!) or a friendly computer, but I’m quite certain the frequency will drop drastically.

On the flippity flop, my novel is well on its way to completion, and that, coupled with the likelihood that I may very well be living under the stars come next summer, I feel that I’m closer to my dream of living life with little more than a garden and a goat, so that while I love technology and all things computers, I need some personal out-of-the-21st century time and this is only bringing me one step closer.

I write all of this as though it were the last episode of Cheers or something. What a wonk. Lovely and later. Call me on the phone if you have beautiful breath and a smile that won’t stop.

Up Next: Matrimony