Today’s Email

I got this email today, not your typical SPAM, and it was all written in French, or perhaps some variety of that language which is spoken in Belgium. Anyway, I found it amusing and have therefore posted a few snippets here:

cuckoo nathan!
how are you?? Here all is well except that to Belgium it makes too too too bad and too cold I regret… I wanted to tell you large a thank you for your postcard which pleased very to me! [my school work] decreases I benefit from it to write a tit mall to you!
You found a new job?? Me been Italy it was really genial! It is really a splendid country and in more people are really sympathetic there!
You return like stimulating in Tamaris the next year?? It will be geniale!! Then also if you come one day in Belgium hold me with the current that I try to see you, it would be a pity which you come to Belgium and which one does not see!!
I make you LARGE KISSES! with very soon!


Ah, Christelle, how I miss you…

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