The Good Fight

So I had a small skirmish with the Erie County Courthouse Office of Domestic Relations today. I was attempting to find out what my arrears were on my spousal support payments to my ex-wife, in an attempt to figure out when I would no longer be having that extra amount deducted from my checks. I had visited the office last week, and the woman had spouted off enough numbers to keep the Cat in the Hat rhyming for weeks, and therefore, baffled, I left, quite unsatisfied.

Today, I did the math on my own, wrote it all down neatly on a slip of white paper, and returned, ready to object to the outlandish authority of the American system. When presented with the facts and what the woman could clearly recognize was not your average money hungry moron ex-husband, she grew angry. Rebuttal after rebuttal spewed forth from her chomping white chewers and floppy red gums, to wit each one was shot down like an 80’s school boy playing Duck Hunt, until finally she drew her manager from behind closed doors. Even said manager could not overrule my hard fought case, and my total was reduced from $240 to $290 and eventually, to its rightful number of $35.

Victory is mine, after a long and hard battle with the American government; many a soul will sleep peacefully tonight.

Oh yeah, and blah blah blah, saw the lunar eclipse last night…

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