Halloween, Gasoline and the little known Nevada Day

While many of you were celebrating Halloween with excessive drinking and half-assed attempts at costuming yourselves, the good people of Nevada were celebrating their very own holiday – Nevada Day.

What better reason to celebrate? What with natural treasures like Las Vegas and Reno (formed via rock formations at the end of the last Ice Age), not to mention legal gambling, prostitution, and murder, what isn’t to celebrate over?

Point 2, Subsection A, Line 6

National Fuel is trash. My gas will be shut off shortly, after a “72 hour notice” which was issued on Friday at 4:00. Their offices close Friday at 5 and remain so for the entire weekend. So at 8:00 this morning, I presumably have no heat in my house, the wretched pile of wood and rubble that is causing me so much grief. Soon it will be gone, and I will be free of the shackles of the American dream.

HEADLINE: Happiness thought to soon resume!

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